Directus Sveltekit Blogging Starter

This is a Directus, Sveltekit blogging starter. Also comes with Tailwind (via Windicss) for easy styling!


Selecto.js is a component that allows you to select elements in the drag area using the mouse or touch.


Experimental charting library for Svelte.

Svelte Grid

A responsive, draggable and resizable grid layout, for Svelte.

Svelte Select

A select component for Svelte apps.

Layer Cake

graphics framework for sveltejs.

Svelte Table

A svelte-3 table implementation that allows sorting and filtering.

Pro UI

Yet another Svelte ui library.

Easy File Pond

Yet another Svelte ui library.


Svelte powered three.js development.

Svelte Inview

A Svelte action that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport.

Svelte Ruler

A Svelte Ruler component that can draw grids and scroll infinitely.


Svelteit is a minimalistic UI/UX component library for Svelte and Sapper projects.


A pretty cool UI kit for Svelte.

Svelte Accessible Accordion

Accessible accordion component

Svelte Slider

Simple range slider for Svelte 3

Svelte Date Picker

Date and time picker for Svelte


PaperCSS components for Svelte

Fluent Svelte

A faithful implementation of Microsoft's Fluent Design System in Svelte.

Svelte Outclick

A SvelteJS component that allows you to listen for clicks outside of an element.

Svelte Themes

About Perfect SvelteKit dark mode in 2 lines of code. Support System preference and any other theme with no flashing


The Full-Stack addition to SvelteKit. Write your server code inside svelte files, handle sessions, forms and SEO easily.

As Toast

Simple and customizable toast notifications for Svelte

EGJS Infinite Grid

A Svelte component that can arrange items infinitely according to the type of grids

Flowbite Svelte

A UI kit for svelte

Sveltekit Stripe

Integrating SvelteKit and Stripe Checkout

Sv Popup

A simple popup/modal for svelte/sveltekit apps

Svelte youtube Embed

Embeds a clickable youtube thumbnail instead of the iframe. Upon clicking, loads the iframe.


SvelteUI is a component library for building fully functional & accessible web applications faster than ever

Svelte French Toast

Buttery smooth toast notifications for Svelte


A basic Svelte tooltip directive.

Svelte Brick Gallery

A masonry-like image gallery component for Svelte

Svelte Brick Gallery

A masonry-like image gallery component for Svelte


Sliding action script

Svelte Confetti

Celebrate things with some extra flair. Animates using just HTML and CSS meaning it can work with SSR in SvelteKit!

Sv Tooltip

A tooltip utility for Svelte and Sveltekit

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