Directus Sveltekit Blogging Starter

This is a Directus, Sveltekit blogging starter. Also comes with Tailwind (via Windicss) for easy styling!

Sveltekit Smui Template

SvelteKit Material UI


Selecto.js is a component that allows you to select elements in the drag area using the mouse or touch.


Experimental charting library for Svelte.

Svelte Grid

A responsive, draggable and resizable grid layout, for Svelte.

Svelte Select

A select component for Svelte apps.

Layer Cake

graphics framework for sveltejs.

Svelte Table

A svelte-3 table implementation that allows sorting and filtering.

Pro UI

Yet another Svelte ui library.

Easy File Pond

Yet another Svelte ui library.


Svelte powered three.js development.

Svelte Inview

A Svelte action that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport.

Svelte Ruler

A Svelte Ruler component that can draw grids and scroll infinitely.


Svelteit is a minimalistic UI/UX component library for Svelte and Sapper projects.


A pretty cool UI kit for Svelte.

Svelte Accessible Accordion

Accessible accordion component

Svelte Slider

Simple range slider for Svelte 3

Svelte Date Picker

Date and time picker for Svelte


PaperCSS components for Svelte

Fluent Svelte

A faithful implementation of Microsoft's Fluent Design System in Svelte.

Svelte Outclick

A SvelteJS component that allows you to listen for clicks outside of an element.

Svelte Themes

About Perfect SvelteKit dark mode in 2 lines of code. Support System preference and any other theme with no flashing


The Full-Stack addition to SvelteKit. Write your server code inside svelte files, handle sessions, forms and SEO easily.

As Toast

Simple and customizable toast notifications for Svelte

EGJS Infinite Grid

A Svelte component that can arrange items infinitely according to the type of grids

Flowbite Svelte

A UI kit for svelte

Sveltekit Stripe

Integrating SvelteKit and Stripe Checkout

Sv Popup

A simple popup/modal for svelte/sveltekit apps

Svelte youtube Embed

Embeds a clickable youtube thumbnail instead of the iframe. Upon clicking, loads the iframe.


SvelteUI is a component library for building fully functional & accessible web applications faster than ever

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