Grail UI

Grail UI offers a set of component primitives, actions and utilities that help you build accessible and high quality Svelte applications faster, while providing a great developer experience. You can use it as the base of your design system and your component library, or adopt it incrementally inside your application.

🎪 Usage & Demo

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  • Accessible
  • Composable
  • Unstyled
  • Uncontrolled
  • Tiny
  • Tree shakeable
  • Fully typed
  • SSR Friendly
  • Performant

🏆 Vision

This project has one primary goal:

Provide high-quality tools that help Svelte developers build robust applications as fast and as easy as possible, with accessibility support.

What defines "high-quality"?

  • Straightforward & consistent APIs that don't confuse developers.
  • Behave as expected across a wide variety of use-cases without bugs.
  • Well-tested behavior with both unit and integration tests.
  • Performance cost is minimized.
  • Clean and well-documented code that can be used as learning material.
  • Fully customizable and configurable.

🧱 Contributing

We are always looking for quality contributions! Please check our Contributing Guide for guidelines.

🙏 Thanks

This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.

📄 License

Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright© 2022-present

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