Backoffice Template

Clean Architecture Sveltekit Appwrite template include admin area, auth, protected routes, it use ShadCN-Svelte as base component library, include authorization, designed to be easy to maintain and very scalable.

SvelteKit Appwrite BackOffice Template

Everything you need to build an Administration Panel Using Svelte/SvelteKit and AppWrite



If you want to begin the development process, follow this guide.

# create a new project in the current directory
git clone repo

# cd into directory
cd project-name/

# install dependencies
pnpm i

# create new env file and update the variables
copy .env.example .env

# run the project
pnpm dev


There's an appwrite folder in the root of the project, it contains the base functions, database and collections for the project.

there's also a bash script that can be run with ./, it will promp to login to appwrite instance that you spesify in the .env, see .env.example

Folder Structure

The project is well organized into the following folder structure, and use route grouping.


  • (auth) Here you will find a group of route with the auth layout ( Public route )
  • (backoffice) Here you will find the admin panel ( Protected route )


  • app Here you will find your common app, config, constants, stores, utils, types, ui components and ui common widgets
  • data-access Here you will find your DTO's and Data Definitions
  • entities Here you will find your entites that are in your database
  • features Here you will find your application features
  • infraestructure Here you will find your Depdency Injection container, and everything related to infraestructure ( AppWrite interface )
  • use-cases Here you will find your Application Use Cases (Business Logic / Controllers)

Tech Stack

  • SvelteKit
  • Svelte
  • TailwindCSS
  • ShadCN-Svelte
  • AppWrite

You can preview the production build with npm run preview.

To deploy your app, you may need to install an adapter for your target environment.

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