Hagura Sveltekit

A minimal markdown blog template built using SvelteKit

Hagura SvelteKit

This is a port of Hagura Jekyll Theme.

A simple blog with pagination and highly legible layout. It uses TailwindCSS for styles. It processess .md(markdown) posts into HTML using mdsvex.

Demo: https://hagura.sveltethemes.dev/


  • Markdown blog posts
  • Pagination using svelte-paginate
  • Supports svelte components in markdown files
  • Open-Props styles
  • Basic SEO
  • Vercel adapter(change as per your requirement)


Run the following commands.

git clone https://github.com/sharu725/hagura-sveltekit

npm install

npm run dev for development.

npm run build for production.


The app is still in development. Any contribution to improve it is appreciated.

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