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language translations

Internationalized versions of the official Svelte website.


Join in! :city_sunrise: See sveltejs/community for the official data relating to the Svelte community and events.

Telegram chat rooms


The official list of integrations is sveltejs/integrations. Look there first - they're mostly not duplicated here. Maybe they should be?

bundler plugins


Some components are bundled with specific preprocessors that they rely on; those projects are listed under components and libraries.

cli tools

  • @pwa/cli@lukeed - Universal PWA Builder (WIP)
  • baelte@kennethlarsen - CLI tool for svelte to help you be productive
  • svb@himynameisdave - A zero-config CLI to bundle Svelte apps (WIP)

editor tools

web app frameworks

  • sapper@sveltejs - Military-grade progressive web apps, powered by Svelte


To avoid downloading a template's git history, installation via degit is recommended:

npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-app

electron templates

mobile templates


components and libraries

If you have any submissions, updates, or ideas to improve this list of links, please feel free to open an issue or PR.


See the FAQ for some good info about Svelte routing solutions.

Sapper touts a filesystem-based routing solution along with a full app framework.

ui component sets

  • carbon-components-svelte@IBM - Svelte implementation of the Carbon Design System
  • svelma@c0bra - Bulma components for Svelte
  • smelte@matyunya - Material design components for Svelte using Tailwind CSS
  • svelte-toolbox@svelte-toolbox - A UI component library for Svelte implementing Google's Material Design specification
  • svelte-material-ui@hperrin - Svelte Material UI Components
  • svelteify@exybore - Material components library for Svelte using the stylesheet of Vuetify
  • sveltemantic@titans-inc - Fomantic-UI components for Svelte 3
  • sveltestrap@bestguy - Bootstrap 4 components for Svelte
  • svelte-ui@vikignt - Simple Svelte 3 UI components
  • svmd@hkh12 - Easy-to-use, Customizable Material Design components for Svelte
  • svelte-chota@AlexxNB - Svelte UI components based on super lightweight chota CSS framework.
  • svelte-mui@vikignt - Simple Svelte UI components inspired by Google's Material Design

web component sets

layout and structure

inputs and widgets

fonts and icons

  • svelte-icons@gibdig - Icon components for Svelte, featuring many icon sets
  • svelte-awesome@RobBrazier - Awesome SVG icon component for Svelte JS, built with Font Awesome icons
  • svelte-fa@Cweili - Tiny FontAwesome 5 component for Svelte
  • fa-svelte@alphapeter - Font Awesome 5 for Svelte
  • svelte-feather-icons@dylanblokhuis - Feather icons for Svelte
  • svelte-simple-icons@beyonk-adventures - SVG icons for popular brands

forms and validation

See the ui component sets section for more.

  • @spaceavocado/svelte-form@spaceavocado - Simple Svelte form model handler and input validations
  • svelte-forms@chainlist - Svelte forms validation made easy
  • svelte-forms-lib@tjinauyeung - A lightweight library for managing forms in Svelte
  • sveltejs-forms@mdauner - Form components using Yup for validation
  • svelte-formly@arabdevelop - Form components and validations that are easy to extend
  • svelidation@yazonnile - Easily customizable library for validation scenarios in svelte components



  • svelte-waypoint@matyunya - Lazyload images or anything component for Svelte
  • svelte-image@matyunya - Image processing with Sharp for Svelte
  • svelte-image-encoder@saabi - An <ImgEncoder> component for editing and compressing profile pictures
  • svelte-easy-crop@ValentinH - A Svelte component to crop images with easy interactions


time and date




  • svelte-i18n@kaisermann - Internationalization library for Svelte
  • svelte-intl@Panya - Internationalize your Svelte apps using format-message and Intl object

stores and state


async loading

social and other 3rd party services

development and documentation

  • Svelte DevTools@RedHatter - Chrome/Firefox extension that allows inspection of Svelte components and state
  • sveltedoc-parser@alexprey - Generate a JSON documentation for a Svelte component
  • prettier-plugin-svelte@UnwrittenFun - Format your Svelte components using Prettier
  • svelte-inspector@qutran - Development helper for inspecting and opening Svelte components in your editor
  • svelte-dev-helper@ekhaled - Helper for Svelte components to ease development. Used by svelte-loader
  • @svelte-docs/core@AlexxNB - A rapid way to write documentation for your Svelte components

syntax highlighting

other components and libraries

  • svelte-adapter@pngwn - Use Svelte components with Vue and React
  • svelte-css-vars@kaisermann - Ever wanted to have reactive css variables in Svelte? What if I tell you there's a way?
  • svelte-adaptive-sensors@pngwn - Sensors to deliver adaptive loading based on a user's device and network


  • svelte-native@halfnelson - Svelte controlling native components via Nativescript


  • @sveltejs/gl@sveltejs - A (very experimental) project to bring WebGL to Svelte

example app showcase

open source Svelte in the wild



podcasts and other videos

other lists and resources


CC0 (public domain)


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