Date Picker Svelte

Date and time picker for Svelte


  • Theming
  • Custom formats
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Autopunctuation (e.g typing "20201111111111" gives you "2020-11-11 11:11:11" with the default format)
  • Keyboard shortcuts



npm install date-picker-svelte


    import { DateInput } from 'date-picker-svelte'
    let date = new Date()

<DateInput bind:value={date} />

Check the docs to learn more


Get started

  1. Install Node.js (v14 works)
  2. Run npm install


  • npm run dev: Start site in dev mode
  • npm run build: Build package and site
  • npm run preview: Preview production site
  • npm run check: Run svelte-check
  • npm run test: Run tests
  • npm run format: Format code

Publish new version

  1. Update
  2. Check for errors
    npm run lint
  3. Bump the version number
    npm version --no-git-tag <version>
  4. Publish
    npm publish
  5. Commit with a tag in format "v#.#.#"
  6. Create GitHub release with release notes

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