Simple toolbox for working with colors. Color mixing, blending, conversion, modification, detailed information, etc. is web app that helps you to work with colors.

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  • Mix
    • Mix multiple colors and generate as many shades/steps between those colors as you want
    • Switch the interpolation mode to change the way the colors are mixed
  • Blend
    • Mix two colors using one of the 16 blend modes (multiply, color burn, soft light, exclusion, etc.)
    • Change the alpha channel to make tiny adjustments
  • Info
    • Convert a color to many different color spaces and formats
    • Links to resources/stock images using the same color on platforms like Dribble, Behance and Pexels
    • Color combinations/harmonies like Triad, Analogous, Polyad
    • Complementary color
    • Name of the color using a curated list of color names
  • Modify
    • Adjust a color by combining 8 different modifiers
    • Available modifiers: Brighten, Darken, Tint, Shade, Desaturate, Saturate, Lighten and Spin

Tip: Change to output format on the top right to get exactly the color format/space you need when copying colors.


Most of the color realted features in are powered by chroma.js and tinycolor.


Contributions are always welcome!


# Install dependencies.

# Start the dev server and open the app in a new browser tab.
yarn dev --open

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