Map Wizard

Cross-platfrom-first tools for osu! standard beatmaps (for now) written in TypeScript, using tauri and osu!lazer's logic as the foundation. It was done so we could have a mapping toolset solution that was friendly to run on Linux without the need of third party tools (aka. wine and VMs).

Built with


  • Hitsound Copier
  • Metadata Manager


  • Add map cleaner funcionality.
  • Add support to persist the data.
  • Add colourhax helper functionality.
  • Fix some unnecessary greenlines being generated.
  • Release to flathub.


You can either grab the latest release or build it by yourself.


If you wish to run the project on your local machine, follow the instructions below:


1. Clone the project

git clone https://github.com/maotovisk/hitsound-copier.git

2. Install the project's dependencies

pnpm install
# pnpm i

3. Run the project

pnpm tauri dev

Special thanks

  • OliBomby for buildig the Mapping Tools project, which is the our main inspiration.
  • kionell for building this amazing library that we are using to parse the .osu files.
  • Seto Kousuke for waiting for me to finish working on this to play some switch games.

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