🚧 Svelte Template

Svelte + Typescript + Parcel + Express

An easy-to-use Svelte template!

  • Allowed to use code splitting in svelte. (code chunk, npm modules.. dynamic import.. code split... whatever)


  • npm start

    Run the development server. This command creates a path accessible through HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP is applied with Hot Module Replacement (HMR). HTTPS has a built-in certificate for testing.

  • npm run build

    Generate production build results. Minify is applied to the result and hmr is excluded.

  • npm run watch

    Same as the npm start command, but does not serve the code with HTTP and HTTPS.

  • npm run clean

    This command deletes all files in the 'dist' folder. However, the folder below the list is not deleted. If there is a static resource that should not be deleted, create a folder in the folder and use it.


MIT Licensed

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