Configurable HTML/Vue/Svelte/Astro/Jinja/Twig/Nunjucks/Vento formatter, with dprint integration which behaves as dprint-plugin-html, dprint-plugin-vue, dprint-plugin-svelte and dprint-plugin-astro but all in one.


markup_fmt is a configurable HTML/Vue/Svelte/Astro/Jinja/Twig/Nunjucks/Vento formatter.

Notes for Vue and Svelte Users

This formatter provides some options such as vBindStyle, vOnStyle and more for Vue and svelteAttrShorthand and svelteDirectiveShorthand for Svelte.

It's recommended to enable these options in this formatter and disable the corresponding rules in eslint-plugin-vue and eslint-plugin-svelte if you used. This will make ESLint faster because less rules will be executed.

Getting Started


We've provided dprint integration.

This plugin only formats HTML syntax of your HTML/Vue/Svelte/Astro/Jinja/Twig/Nunjucks/Vento files. You also need other dprint plugins to format the code in <script> and <style> tags. You can use dprint-plugin-typescript to format TypeScript/JavaScript code and Malva to format CSS/SCSS/Sass/Less code.

Run the commands below to add plugins:

dprint config add g-plane/markup_fmt
dprint config add g-plane/malva
dprint config add typescript

If you also want to format JSON in <script> tag whose "type" is "importmap" or "application/json", you can add dprint-plugin-json:

dprint config add json

Or Biome:

- dprint config add typescript
- dprint config add json
+ dprint config add biome

After adding the dprint plugins, update your dprint.json and add configuration:

  // ...
  "plugins": [
    // ... other plugins URL
  "markup": { // <-- the key name here is "markup", not "markup_fmt"
    // config comes here

You can also read dprint CLI documentation for using dprint to format files.

Use as a Rust crate

Please read the documentation.


Please refer to Configuration.


Tests come from:


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2023-present Pig Fang

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