About the Project

Coolify is an open-source & self-hostable alternative to Heroku / Netlify / Vercel / etc.

It helps you to manage your servers, applications, databases on your own hardware, all you need is SSH connection. You can manage VPS, Bare Metal, Raspberry PI's anything.

Imagine if you could have the ease of a cloud but with your own servers. That is Coolify.

No vendor lock-in, which means that all the configuration for your applications/databases/etc are saved to your server. So if you decide to stop using Coolify (oh nooo), you could still manage your running resources. You just lose the automations and all the magic. 🪄️

For more information, take a look at our landing page here.


curl -fsSL https://cdn.coollabs.io/coolify/install.sh | bash

You can find the installation script source here.


Contact us here.


To stay completely free, open-source, no feature behind paywall and evolve the project, we need your help. If you like Coolify, please consider donating to help us fund the future development of the project.


Thank you so much!

Special thanks to our biggest sponsor, CCCareers!

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If you do not want to self-host Coolify, there is a paid cloud version available: https://app.coolify.io

For more information & pricing, take a look at our landing page here.

Why should I use the Cloud version?

The recommended way to use Coolify is to have one server for Coolify and one (or more) for the resources you are deploying. A server is around 4-5$/month.

By subscribing to the cloud version, you get the Coolify server for the same price, but with:

  • High-availability
  • Free email notifications
  • Better support
  • Less maintenance for you


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