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eCourse is a self-hosted SPA designed to simplify course creation and management, some of the features include:

  • ability to create video and text based content
  • ability to assign courses to users
  • ability to track users progress


Use the following credentials for testing the demo:

Username: ilyas
Password: ecourse123

Tech Stack

UI Framework - Svelte

CSS - TailwindCSS

Icons - Iconify

Backend - PocketBase

Hosting - PocketHost

Getting Started

Get started by running the project locally, simply follow these steps:

  1. Clone/download the repo

  2. Grab the PocketBase executable for your OS from: and drop it at the root of the pb folder.

  3. Start the PocketBase server

cd pb
./pocketbase serve
  1. Start the Vite server
cd ui
npm install && npm run dev


App name, logo, and colors can be customized using the customize.json file.


One neat thing about PocketBase is that it can also serve our static frontend assets. to do that simply follow these steps:

  1. Add the server URL where your PocketBase instance is hosted to VITE_PROD_PB_URL in the .env file

  2. Build a production-ready bundle

cd ui
npm run build
  1. Copy the contents of the dist folder over to pb_public

Using Docker

You can use the following Dockerfile to automate the steps above:

FROM node:20.11.1-buster


RUN git clone

ADD${PB_VERSION}/pocketbase_${PB_VERSION} /tmp/
RUN unzip /tmp/ -d /eCourse/pb

WORKDIR /eCourse/ui

RUN sed -i 's/^VITE_PROD_PB_URL=.*/VITE_PROD_PB_URL=http:\/\/' .env
RUN npm install
RUN npm run build
RUN mv dist/* /eCourse/pb/pb_public


CMD ["/eCourse/pb/pocketbase", "serve", "--http="]

Feedback & Suggestions

Feel free to open an issue/PR if you find any bugs or want to request new features.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2024

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