Vite Ssr Monorepo Template

An universal TypeScript SSR example for Vite with monorepo and React 18 / Vue 3 / Svelte

Vite SSR Monorepo Template

Vite SSR template with Pnpm Monorepo, support React@18 and TypeScript

Main Dependency

  • pnpm
  • fastify@3
  • vite@2
  • typescript@4
  • react@18: @emotion/react + react-router@6 + react-helmet-async
  • svelte@3

Lint & Hooks

  • eslint
  • husky@6

Develop your own project

With node.js 16 & pnpm, default app is react-app, if you want to use svelte-app, you can edit server/fastify.ts to use it. If you don't need svelte-app, just delete it.

You can replace @my-monorepo globally with your monorepo space.

Quick start

git clone
pnpm i
pnpm run dev
open https://localhost:3001

Build & Run

pnpm run build:react # use build:svelte if you need
pnpm run serve

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