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Jolt. A desktop Revolt client made in Svelte.


In physics, jolt is the rate at which an object's acceleration changes with respect to time. It is a vector quantity (having both magnitude and direction). Jolt is most commonly denoted by the symbol j and expressed in m/s3 (SI units) or standard gravities per second (g0/s).

Custom Revolt client for desktop made in Tauri and SvelteKit.

Note: This client is deprecated in favor of vloddot/jolt-solidjs.

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To install, follow the releases page and pick out the version you need.

Running and compiling the project


To compile or launch Jolt in a development server on your own machine, you're going to need a node package manager (NPM, Yarn, PNPM, etc.), first run the following command to install NPM packages: pnpm install. Then edit src-tauri/tauri.conf.json's beforeDevCommand and beforeBuildCommand keys to adapt to your package manager of choice.

If you want to run the desktop app on a development server, you're also going to need to install cargo (preferrably using Rustup) then you need to install some packages, if you are using the Nix package manager, just run nix develop (recommended if you have the flakes experimental featuee enabled) or nix-shell shell.nix. If not, you can find the prerequisites in the shell.nix or flake.nix files in the Nix language syntax. Otherwise, the packages to install are in packages and libraries keys and a bit of setup to add to a shellrc (.bashrc, .zshrc, etc.) is in the shellHook key. You also need to install the tauri-cli tool through cargo with:

cargo install tauri-cli

Build Command

To build the desktop app (has to build the browser app with it; see below), execute this command:

cargo tauri build

Once it is finished, you will find the build files in src-tauri/target/bundle.

To build the browser app, execute this command:

pnpm run build # you can also adapt your favorite package manager

Development Server

If you want to test the application before building it or installing the application through GitHub Releases, you can run it in a development server. It will not have the best performance compared to the built executable.

Just run the following command:

cargo tauri dev

or if you want to run it in a browser:

pnpm run dev # you can also adapt your favorite package manager


To contribute, make sure you follow the guide.

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