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This repository contains the web app for Upptime's status page website. It's written in Svelte and a sample website is published at https://demo.upptime.js.org/.

To get started, visit upptime/upptime →


🎁 Contributing

This repository is for Upptime's embeddable web app. We love contributions, so please read our Contributing Guidelines and Code of Conduct and open an issue or make a pull request!


We use the upptime/upptime repository for issues for all projects, including this one. If you found a bug or have a feature request, open an issue in the Upptime repository and add the label "static-site".

💻 Usage

When you use Upptime, we automatically generate a static status website and push it to the gh-pages branch. You don't have to manually manage any code from this repository.

When building locally, you can start a server:

npm run dev

Currently, the .upptimerc.yml configuration file is required one directly above the project root.

📄 License

MIT © Koj


An open source project by Koj.
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