Svelte Cart Mockup

Shopping cart UI mockup written in Svelte


A shopping cart UI mocked up in Svelte.

A live demo of the current build is hosted on Netlify

See the TODO file for a list of items that could/should be updated with more time.

What Didn't Work

SvelteKit! 😂

They recently switched the configuration files from CommonJS to MJS. That makes sense since MJS is now native in Node 15, but it looked like it wasn't full ported over yet. Once I started hooking up the testing environment I was hitting errors related to using require in MJS modules. The call stack pointed back to svelte.config.js but it was all imports, I assume it's using something internal to SvelteKit that was still on CommonJS format.

General Setup

pnpm dev to fire out the local dev server pnpm test to run all tests pnpm build to run a production build

I started with Svelte's basic template, its a little outdate but after throwing out SvelteKit I didn't want to get stuck behind Sapper in a similar way.

Testing is all done with Jest, using @testing-library/svelte to help with UI testing.

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