Eslint Plugin Svelte

Some svelte.js focused ESLint rules

⚠ @tivac/eslint-plugin-svelte IS DEPRECATED ⚠

eslint-plugin-svelte now does everything this plugin does (and more) with less weirdness.

Use it instead!

Installing the plugin

Install the plugin and its dependencies via npm.

$> npm install --save-dev @tivac/eslint-plugin-svelte

Using the plugin

Add one of the shared configs provided by this plugin to the extends section in your ESLint config.

    "extends" : [
        // Only enables the plugin, no rule config

        // or

        // Enables the plugin and all rules


  • derived-inputs-outputs, input & value names of derived() should match
  • reactive-curlies, don't add { ... } if there's only a single statement
  • reactive-destructuring, prefer destructuring for reactive reassignments
  • reactive-functions, don't define functions inside reactive statements
  • reactive-literals, don't assign literals in a reactive statement
  • store-prop-destructuring, don't access store values as $ but instead destructure them $: ({ bar } = $foo); for more granular redraws
  • stores-initial-value, always give svelte stores a default value
  • stores-no-async, don't use async/await inside svelte stores because it causes issues with the auto-unsubscribing features

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