Svelte Notion Kit

This repo is using svelte to generate static blog site. Inspired by react-notion-x

It uses Notion as a CMS, can be deployed to GitHub pages or Vercel;


  • Setup only takes a few minutes(single config file)
  • Build using Svelte without CSR that means only html files and css files
  • Excellent page speeds, no hydrate, no Javascript.
  • Responsive for different devices



All config is defined in site.config.ts.

  1. Fork / clone this repo
  2. Change a few values in site.config.ts
  3. npm install
  4. npm run dev to test locally
  5. npm run deploy to deploy to vercel 💪

I tried to make configuration as easy as possible — All you really need to do to get started is edit rootNotionPageId.

We recommend duplicating the default page as a starting point, but you can use any public notion page you want.

Make sure your root Notion page is public and then copy the link to your clipboard. Extract the last part of the URL that looks like 7875426197cf461698809def95960ebf, which is your page's Notion ID.

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