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Ecommerce-svelte demo

This repo contains an ecommerce demo tho show a very basic[^1] example of real time personalization using Tinybird to ingest data, transform it, and publish endpoints.

It is deliberatedly simple to be quickly showable in a demo.

You can visit the deployed apps here:

Create the Tinybird workspace

If you are planning to use the current workspace, ask internally for the tokens and jump directly to the next step.

Otherwise, cd data-project and follow the README of that folder.

The website

cd demo-ecomm-svelte and follow the README.


Check the /todo page to check planned developments.

Using the Tinybird Web Analytics Starter Kit

Follow the Starter Kit README and add the flock.js scrtipt in demo-ecomm-svelte/src/routes/+layout.svelte inside the <svelte:head> tag:

  <title>Home - SvelteKit Commerce</title>
  <script src="" data-token="YOUR_TRACKER_TOKEN"></script>

And you can check your dashboard right away: adding the dashboard token from your workspace.

Note: we already included it using the VITE_WEB_TRACKER and VITE_WEB_TRACKER environment variables.

[^1]: Very basic in the sense of not taking to account the user journey, just the number of visits, sales, and people who added to cart for each product. It definetly can be enhanced.

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