Svelte Ux

Collection of Svelte components, actions, stores, and utilities to build highly interactive applications.

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Svelte UX

The projects aims to simplify building highly interactive and visual applications. It provides over 200 components, actions, stores, and utils, with many more planned.

The components are built using Tailwind with extensibility and customization in mind through the use of theming, variants, granular class overrides, and slots. A rich design token system is also currently in the works.

See also the companion library LayerChart for a large collection of composable chart components to build a wide range of visualizations.


Install dependencies

pnpm i

Run dev server for svelte-ux package

cd packages/svelte-ux
pnpm dev

Run test for svelte-ux package

cd packages/svelte-ux
pnpm test:unit

Run tests for all packages

pnpm -r test:unit

Run a script from the root

pnpm -F svelte-ux dev

Add changeset to include change in changelog and determine next version

pnpm changeset

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