The website for Svelte v2.


This is the repo for the Svelte v2 site. The Svelte v3 site lives in the site directory of the main Svelte repo.

Running locally

This project uses yarn to manage dependencies.

Set up the project:

git clone git@github.com:sveltejs/v2.svelte.dev.git
cd v2.svelte.dev

Start the server with yarn run dev, and navigate to localhost:3000.

Using a local copy of Svelte

By default, the REPL will fetch the most recent version of Svelte from https://unpkg.com/svelte. If you need to test a local version of Svelte, you can do so by linking it and navigating to localhost:3000/repl?version=local:

cd /path/to/svelte
yarn link
yarn dev # rebuild Svelte on changes

cd /path/to/v2.svelte.dev
yarn link svelte
yarn dev

REPL GitHub integration

In order for the REPL's GitHub integration to work properly when running locally, you will need to create a GitHub OAuth app. Set its authorization callback URL to http://localhost:3000/auth/callback, and in the root of this project, create a file .env containing:

GITHUB_CLIENT_ID=[your app's client id]
GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET=[your app's client secret]



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