Svelte Pilot Template

Svelte template with SSR

Svelte Pilot Template

A template based on the Svelte Pilot routing library, offering server-side rendering (SSR) and other rich features.

Core Features

  • Multiple Deployment Modes: Supports SSR (Server-Side Rendering), SSG (Static Site Generation), SPA (Single Page Application), and serverless functions.
  • Powerful Routing and Layout System: Supported by Svelte Pilot.
  • Integrated with TypeScript: For type safety and robust coding.
  • Integrated with PostCSS and Tailwind CSS: Ready to use without configuration.
  • Convenient Image Import: With svelte-preprocess-import-assets, you can directly import images using the <img src="./img.png"> tag without manually writing an import.
  • Enhanced CSS Isolation: Through svelte-preprocess-css-hash, <Child class="--child"> becomes <Child class="--child-HaShEd">.

Quick Preview

Experience the editable demo on the StackBlitz Online IDE.

Create a Project

npm create svelte-pilot my-svelte-app
cd my-svelte-app
npm i


mkdir my-svelte-app
cd my-svelte-app
npm init svelte-pilot
npm i


npm run dev:spa           # Develop in SPA mode
npm run dev:ssr           # Develop in SSR mode
PORT=8080 npm run dev:ssr # Specify the port.


npm run build:spa         # Build SPA site
npm run build:ssr         # node.js SSR server
npm run build:ssg         # Generate static site. Configure URLs in the `ssg` field of `package.json`.
NOJS=1 npm run build:ssg  # Generate static site without JS
npm run build:cloudflare  # Cloudflare Pages

# Netlify Functions
cp src/adapters/netlify/netlify.toml .
npm run build:netlify

# Netlify Edge Functions
cp src/adapters/netlify-edge/netlify.toml .
npm run build:netlify-edge


npx sirv-cli dist --single --host # SPA
npx sirv-cli dist --host          # SSG
npm run start:ssr                 # node.js SSR server.
PORT=8080 npm run start:ssr       # Specify the port.

Deploy to the Cloud

Cloudflare Pages

Deploy using wrangler CLI:

wrangler pages deploy dist

Deploy using Git

  1. Link your Git repository to Cloudflare Pages.
  2. Set up the build configuration:
    • Build command: npm run build:cloudflare
    • Build output directory: dist


Deploy using the netlify deploy CLI, or link your Git repository to Netlify.


Can't run on Windows

npm config set script-shell "C:\\Program Files\\git\\bin\\bash.exe"

How to set shell for npm run-scripts in Windows

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