svelte-add is a tool to add many different tools to your svelte/kit project.

This is a monorepo, containing the following packages: | Package | Description | |--------------|-----------| | @svelte-add/ast-manipulation | Provides tools for manipulating JS, CSS and HTML AST's | | @svelte-add/ast-tooling | Bundles different tools for parsing and serializing JS, CSS and HTML AST's | | svelte-add | Allows you to apply different adders at once and guides you interactively through the adder initialization | | @svelte-add/adders | That's the place where all official adders live | | @svelte-add/core | Provides all utilities for easy application of adders | | @svelte-add/dev-utils | Used to do some maintenance tasks inside the repository | | @svelte-add/testing-library | Provides tools to test a adders with all it's option in different project templates | | @svelte-add/tests | Uses testing-library to execute the tests for all official adders | | @svelte-add/website | The website of this project |


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