🐧 Add mdsvex to Svelte

This is an adder for svelte-add; you should read its README before continuing here.

➕ Adding mdsvex

This adder's codename is mdsvex, and can be used like so:

npx svelte-add@latest mdsvex

🏞 Supported environments

This adder supports SvelteKit and Vite-powered Svelte apps (all the environments svelte-add currently supports).

⚙️ Options

This adder doesn't take any options of its own.

🛠 Using mdsvex

After the adder runs,

  • You can write Svelte in markdown syntax in .md, .svelte.md, and .svx files and import them as Svelte components.

  • You can configure mdsvex in the mdsvex.config.js file.

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