Universal Kiosk is an web ordering system with universal design.

Universal design

  • For blind & senior citizens

    They can operate ordering system using physical device + TTS system.

  • For kids & locomotor disabled people

    They can scan the QR code on the main page and use web ordering system.

Built with & Requirements

  • Web back end

    • Python
    • Poetry (for dependency management)
    • Flask
  • Web front end

    • Javascript
    • SvelteKit
  • Physical device

    • Keypad

      • Arduino SDK
      • ESP8266 (NodeMCU)
      • ESP-NOW
      • Keypad
      • PlatformIO
    • Web controller

      • Selenium
      • pydub
      • pyserial


Clone repository to local

git clone https://github.com/krome0/universal-kiosk

Web front end

cd universal-kiosk/web/front-end

npm install

npm run dev

Web back end

# from project's root directory
cd web/front-end

# from front-end directory
cd ../back-end

poetry install

poetry run python main.py

Physical device

  • Keypad device

    1. Install PlatformIO on Visual Stduio Code.
    2. Open esp8266-recv, esp8266-send with PlatformIO.
    3. Build and Upload to your ESP8266(recommend NodeMCU) board.
  • Web controller

    # from project's root directory
    cd physical-devices/web-controller
    poetry install
    poetry run python main.py

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