Svelte Darkmode Css

Svelte Darkmode CSS for the website


  • Svelte Darkmode CSS is for the website.
  • The edits in svelte-docs-dark.css are created for inheritence overwrite.
  • svelte-logo-horizontal.svg is edited for use in the darkmode.

userscript version

  • svelte-darkmode-css.user.js contains the css and svg images in a single file userscript format.
  • the userscript injects the css and pins the light/dark button at the top left of the page.
  • I'm using Tampermonkey userscript host in Firefox.

how to install

  1. first install the Tampermonkey browser plugin
  2. then open svelte-darkmode-css.user.js and Tampermonkey will open a browser window with prompts to install the script.
  3. After that navigate to the website.

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