SvelteKit SSR Stéphane Klein skeleton

I try to gather and maintain, in this skeleton, my standard components configuration that I use in my SvelteKit web application projects.

Components and libraries:



  • Deployment based by Docker

Not included:

  • No TypeScript support

Getting started

$ asdf install
$ pnpm install

Start database engine:

$ docker compose up -d --wait
$ ./scripts/
$ ./scripts/

Start web server:

$ pnpm run dev

Go to http://localhost:5173/

Database migration

$ pnpm run migrate:watch

Apply migration in migrations/current.sql and commit:

$ pnpm run migrate:commit


Launch Prettier check:

$ pnpm run prettier-check

Apply Prettier fix example:

$ pnpm run prettier src/app.html


$ pnpm run eslint

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