What is ByteDetective?

ByteDetective is a desktop app (currently available for MacOS) that acts as a semantic search engine for your photos. The aim is to make searching for images on your desktop quick and easy.

Images are difficult to search; they often don't have a really intuitive filename, and you have to dig a lot to find them. Wouldn't it make more sense to search for them based on their content (e.g "eating pizza with friends")?

Why it's cool:

  • 📁 Ease of use: Say goodbye to the endless struggle of navigating through countless files and folders to find that one picture
  • 🔮 Intelligent: Even if your description is vague, ByteDetective will deliver pretty decent results, giving you images that match your words.
  • Fast: Lightning-fast performance as the inference is made with Rust.

How it works



How to use

  1. Download the release.
  2. Open it.
  3. Give the app authorizations to access your files.
  4. Leave it open for a few hours. At first, it will take a little time to scan all the images on your computer. Then it will get faster and synchronize with new images on the fly, promise.

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