Svelte Starter

This Svelte starter template includes support for TailwindCSS, Flowbite-Svelte, Svelte-Spa-Router and also includes a sample of fetching data from a backend API.

Svelte Starter

This Svelte starter template provides a comprehensive foundation for developing with Svelte and Vite, including preconfigured support for TailwindCSS, Flowbite-Svelte, and Svelte-Spa-Router. Additionally, it includes a sample implementation of fetching data from a backend API, making it easy to integrate with your own server-side infrastructure.


git clone [email protected]:shinokada/svelte-starter.git my-app
cd my-app
pnpm i

Update dependencites:

pnpm update
pnpm i flowbite-svelte@latest flowbite@latest

Backend API env value

Update your backend API value in .env:


Start a local server

npm run dev

How to use this for GitHub page

npm run build
npm run deploy

This will deploy your GitHub page to https://<username><repository name> URL. Don’t forget to change the username and repository name to your personal Github username and repository. It may take a couple of minutes. You can check the progress in GitHub Actions tab.

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