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Official Svelte components built for Flowbite and Tailwind CSS

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⚠️ Flowbite Svelte is currently in early development and APIs and packages are likely to change quite often.

Flowbite Svelte UI components
Build websites even faster with Svelte components on top of Tailwind CSS

Flowbite Svelte is an official Flowbite UI component library for Svelte. All interactivities are handled by Svelte.

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Flowbite Svelte Starters

You can find all the starters in the Starters directory.

Flowbite Svelte Examples

You can find all the examples in the Examples directory.



For full documentation, visit flowbite-svelte.com.


Alert Badge Breadcrumb
Svelte Alerts Svelte Badge Svelte Breadcrumbs
Button Button group Card
Svelte Buttons Svelte Button Group Svelte Cards
Dropdown Forms List group
Svelte Dropdown Svelte Forms Svelte List group
Typography Modal Tab
Svelte Typography Svelte Modal Svelte Tabs
Navbar Pagination Timeline
Svelte Navbar Svelte Pagination Svelte Timeline
Progress bar Table Toast
Svelte Progress Bar Svelte Tables Svelte Toast
Tooltip Datepicker Spinner
Svelte Tooltips Svelte Datepicker Svelte Spinner
Footer Accordion Sidebar
Svelte Footer Svelte Accordion Svelte Sidebar
Carousel Avatar Rating
Svelte Carousel Svelte Avatar Svelte Rating
Input Field File Input Search Input
Svelte Input Field Svelte File Input Svelte Search Input
Select Textarea Checkbox
Svelte Select Svelte Textarea Svelte Checkbox
Radio Toggle Range Slider
Svelte Radio Svelte Toggle Svelte Range Slider
Floating Label Mega Menu Skeleton
Svelte Floating Label Svelte Mega Menu Svelte Skeleton
KBD (keyboard) Drawer (offcanvas) Popover
Svelte KBD (Keyboard) Svelte Drawer (offcanvas) Svelte Popover
Video Heading Paragraph
Svelte Video Svelte Heading Svelte Paragraph
Blockquote Image List
Svelte Blockquote Svelte Image Svelte List
Link Text Horizontal line (HR)
Svelte Link Svelte Text Svelte HR
Speed Dial Stepper(TBA) Indicators
Svelte Speed Dial Svelte Stepper Svelte Indicators
Bottom Navigation Sticky Banner Gallery (Masonry)
Svelte Bottom Navigation Bar Svelte Bottom Sticky Banner Svelte Image Gallery (Masonry)


If you need help or just want to discuss about the library join the community on Github:

⌨️ Discuss about Flowbite on GitHub

For casual chatting with others using the library:

💬 Join the Flowbite Discord Server


Please use node v16.xx.x.


npm run test

Create props

npm run gen:props

This will pull all props from components and replace files in /src/routes/props directory.


Please read how to contribute if you'd like to be part of the Flowbite community of contributors.


View the full changelog on this page.

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Flowbite Svelte is open-source under the MIT License.

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