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Creating a project

If you're seeing this, you've probably already done this step. Congrats!

# create a new project in the current directory
npm init svelte@next

# create a new project in my-app
npm init svelte@next my-app

Note: the @next is temporary


Once you've created a project and installed dependencies with npm install (or pnpm install or yarn), start a development server:

npm run dev

# or start the server and open the app in a new browser tab
npm run dev -- --open


Svelte apps are built with adapters, which optimise your project for deployment to different environments, like Begin, Netlify, Vercel and so on. (You can also create your own adapter — instructions TODO.)

By default, npm run build will generate a Node app that you can run with node build. To use a different adapter, install it and update your svelte.config.cjs accordingly. The following official adapters are available:

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