Go Svelte

A fullstack app with Go backend (serves static files + API) & Svelte frontend (SPA with TailwindCSS)

Go Svelte SPA

  • A sample fullstack application with Go as backend (Responsible for serving frontend static files + API if any).
  • ui folder:
    • contains a multi-page Vite project with Svelte (not SvelteKit)
      • has TailwindCSS + DaisyUI
      • src/index.html is static (useful as landing page)
      • src/app/index.html is SPA and uses svelte-spa-router for Routing (hash-based)
    • is also a Go package ui that embeds svelte build and exposes Handler() which can be mounted on any router for serving frontend.
  • make will build frontend and then trigger go-build which embeds the frontend files and produces one final executable.
  • A 3-stage Dockerfile is included that builds frontend, backend and then produces a very small final alpine image with just the binary.


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Replace all instances of go-svelte string with your app name.
  3. In the root directory, run make to build everything (frontend + backend).
  4. A single executable binary will be generated in dist/

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