Welcome to Typo, a web-based markdown editor.

Key Features :key:

  • File System API: Utilizes the file system API when available. If not, a download anchor tag is used.
  • Auto-save: Automatically saves changes if supported by the system.
  • Local Storage: All files are exclusively stored locally on your device.
  • Content View: Provides the option to view content either as a document or as a slideshow.
  • Slide Creation: Enables users to create slides using the <hr> tag (---).
  • Code Execution: Permits the execution of js code blocks directly in the browser.
  • Formatted Printing: Allows printing of formatted content.
  • Markdown Formatting: Applies Prettier for formatting markdown content.

Use the Components :wrench:

License :balance_scale:

Typo is licensed under the MIT License.

Contribute :handshake:

Contributions are welcome, Typo uses Svelte and SvelteKit. Feel free to improve existing features, add new features or report issues.

  1. Clone repo
  2. bun install
  3. bun dev -- --open

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