Svelte Component Template

An opinionated template for building shareable Svelte components with TS, Storybook & Jest.

Psst — looking for an app template? Go here --> sveltejs/template


An opinionated base for building shareable Svelte components. It includes by default:

  • Typescript
  • svelte-testing-library & jest
  • Storybook
  • Rollup, configured to build .js (umd), .min.js (iife), .mjs (es)


Install / Clone

Use the big green button up & right that says Use this template to generate your own repo.

Or clone it with degit:

npx degit sveltejs/component-template my-new-component
cd my-new-component

Your component's source code lives in src/Component.svelte.

You can create a package that exports multiple components by adding them to the src directory and editing src/index.ts to reexport them as named exports.

Setting up

  • Run yarn
  • Replace this README with your own
  • Replace the name, version, author, license, homepage, repository.url, bugs.url, keywords from within the package.json.


Comes with tests out of the box using svelte-testing-library + Jest.

To Run tests: yarn test


To serve development build: yarn storybook. To build static storybook site (default output folder is /docs for easily sharing on github pages): yarn build-storybook

Based on sveltejs/component-template & svelte-component-library-template

Added upon the great opinionated template from nirmaoz to use Typescript + Storybook addons

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