Svelte Transition Classes

A SvelteJS transition for adding and swapping css classes

Svelte Classes Transition

svelte-transition-classes adds a set of base classes, a set of classes the be on the element at the start of the transition and then a set of classes that replace the initial classes on the initial tick. CSS animations or transitions included in the classes then execute the rest of the transition. The supplied duration should be set to match the duration of the css transitions and animations that will be applied by the changing classes.

svelte-transition-classes is a custom Svelte transition that adds a set of base CSS classes to the DOM node, applies another set of classes for the start of the transition and then at the first tick of the transition, swaps the starting classes with another set of destination classes. CSS transitions and animations can be triggered from the class updates. This Svelte transition was created to easily implement the transitions used in Tailwind CSS.

This svelte transition was created to easily implement the class-based transitions available in Tailwind CSS and used by Tailwind UI.

More info:


npm i svelte-transition-classes


  import classes from 'svelte-transition-classes';
    duration: 100,
    base: 'transition ease-out duration-100',
    from: 'transform opacity-0 scale-95',
    to: 'transform opacity-100 scale-100',
    duration: 75,
    base: 'transition ease-in duration-75',
    from: 'transform opacity-100 scale-100',
    to: 'transform opacity-0 scale-95',
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