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No-code Drag n Drop Form Builder for Svelte

Svelte Form Builder

Svelte Form Builder is a No-Code/Low-Code Drag and Drop Form Builder Library built for Svelte JS.


  • Create, Edit, Preview Forms
  • Export/Import Form Definitions
  • Custom Validations
  • Custom Attributes
  • Themes & Custom Styling
  • Responsive Forms
  • Super easy to extend and plugin your own components

Solutions to fit any need

  • Electronic Healthcare
  • Field Operations
  • Payments
  • Quizzes
  • Registrations
  • Surveys
  • Workflow


28 Community Components

  • Audio
  • Button
  • Canvas
  • Checkbox Group
  • Color
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Divider
  • File Upload
  • Header
  • Hidden
  • Link
  • Meter
  • Month
  • Number
  • Paragraph
  • Password
  • Picture
  • Progress
  • Radio Group
  • Range
  • Select
  • Star
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Time
  • Video
  • Week

Community License: GPL-3.0 license


A one-time sponsorship will provide access to either the Pro or Enterprise tiers.

Become a sponsor to Svelte Form Builder

Currently, Svelte Form Builder is a team of 1, funded by the GitHub sponsors community.

šŸ™ If you use use this library, sponsorship would mean A WHOLE LOT to allow continued development into the project and community surrounding it šŸ’—.

GitHub Sponsorship will automatically provide access to the private repo & package.

Additionally, the Pro & Enterprise tiers also come with a more flexible Commercial EULA License

5 Premium Components (Pro)

The Individual or The Team

  • AutoComplete
  • Matrix
  • Rich Text
  • Signature Pad
  • Table

Condition Management (Enterprise)

The Enterprise

Robust condition management module based off of Terms & Actions


Terms define whether or not action(s) are evaluated. You may define multiple Terms together and pair it with one more field of how you want the terms to work together, either define ALL the terms must be fulfilled or ANY of the terms should be fulfilled.

  • Equals
  • NotEquals
  • Starts With
  • Not Starts With
  • Ends With
  • Not Ends With
  • Greater Than
  • Less Than
  • Before
  • After
  • Is Filled
  • Is Empty
  • Does Not Contain
  • Contains


Once the Terms are met, then the actions kick in. This can then work in tandem with other Conditions to chain complex behaviors as needed.

  • Show
  • Hide
  • Require
  • UnRequire
  • Enable
  • Disable
  • ShowTab
  • HideTab
  • ActivateTab
  • SkipToField
  • ShowMessage
  • Clear
  • Copy
  • Calculation


Different customers have varying preferences and needs when it comes to support, so several options are made available, see Support Options

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