Django Svelte Template

Django + InertiaJS + Svelte + TailwindCSS (with SSR!)

Django Svelte Template

A template for Django that uses InertiaJS, Svelte, and TailwindCSS. Preconfigured for HMR and SSR.

The master branch contains the template for use in the instructions, and a runnable demo is in the testing branch.

What is in this template?

If you're particular about how the template sets things up, you can see the full comparison here.

This template builds off of these two templates

  • Django 4.2 default project (should be forwards compatible for the rest of v4)
  • Svelte front end created from npm create vite@latest
The following changes have then been made
  • Django
      • Added django-vite, inertia-django, django-js-routes, and example_app to apps
      • Added InertiaMiddleware
      • Added configuration for the template folder
      • Set the static root directory
      • Added web/dist as a staticfile dir
      • Configuration for Vite
      • Configuration for Inertia
      • Configuration for JS Routes
      • Added example_app urls
      • Added static asset urls
    • templates
      • Added base.html template, with Inertia and Vite set up
    • example_app
      • Added an example app to demonstrate Inertia
  • Vite/Front end
    • Removed default example files from the template
    • Added pages directory to src with Example.svelte
    • Setup main.js following InertiaJS Svelte docs
      • Added support for loading a page layout as per the Inertia docs
    • Setup ssr.js following InertiaJS Svelte docs
      • Added support for loading a page layout as per the Inertia docs
    • Added default TailwindCSS config
    • Added default TailwindCSS-recommended PostCSS config
    • Configured Vite to build with HMR, proper CORS, and correct public path, with options left in to enable SSR



  • Python 3.8+
  • NodeJS 16+


  1. Setup a virtual environment/Poetry/whatever and install django, inertia-django, django-vite, and django-js-routes.

  2. Run

    django-admin startproject --template my_django_project .
  3. CD into web and run npm i

  4. Run both Django and Vite (python runserver and npm run dev) and visit Django's URL

Optional: Enable SSR

SSR support is still unpolished in inertia-django, but it is possible to get running. You technically can use SSR and HMR together, but you'll have to rebuild the SSR server on every change. Because of this, you might just want to use static builds of your site (npm run build).

First, we need to build the SSR server application by running npm run build-ssr. You can find some more info about Vite SSR here. The port can be changed in web/src/ssr.js.

  1. In web/vite.config.js, set hydratable to true.
  2. In your_django_project/, set INERTIA_SSR_ENABLED to True (and if you are just using static builds, set DJANGO_VITE_DEV_MODE to False)
  3. After building the SSR server, run it (ex. with current directory in web, node dist-ssr/ssr.js)
  4. Run Django


A few things might be nice to have housed in this project as well.

  • Typescript version (made with npm create vite@latest with Svelte TypeScript option)
  • Templates for Vue and React


Since we try to maintain both a working example and a template on the same git history, there's a bit of a process to updating this. Updates fall into three categories

  1. Stock Django and Svelte/Vite config
  2. Django/Svelte example project
  3. Django template changes

Each one belongs to a separate branch, which are chained by rebasing from django-svelte-base -> testing -> master

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