Static Site Generator with Go backend and Svelte frontend


Build-Time Render Engine (aka Static Site Generator) with Go backend and Svelte frontend
Ships with a fully integrated Git-CMS that you can host for cheap/free right with your static site


You must have NodeJS version 13 or newer As of v0.2.0 you no longer need NodeJS, Go, or any dependency other than Plenti itself.

Installation :floppy_disk:


  1. Add the tap: brew tap plentico/homebrew-plenti
  2. Install: brew install plenti


  1. Install: snap install plenti

Scoop (Windows is not supported yet, see details):

  1. Add the bucket: scoop bucket add plenti
  2. Install: scoop install plenti


  1. Download the latest release
  2. Move it somewhere in your PATH (most likely /usr/local/bin)

Getting Started :rocket:

  1. Create a new site: plenti new site my-new-site
  2. Move into the folder you created: cd my-new-site
  3. Start up the development server: plenti serve
  4. Navigate to the site in your browser: localhost:3000

Learning the Basics 🎓

  1. Documentation:
  2. Videos: YouTube playlist

Contributing :purple_heart:

Plenti is still new, but constantly improving. The API might change from time to time before we hit a stable v1.0.x release. If you find bugs or have any questions, please open a new issue to let us know! If you want to help keep Plenti free from commercial interests, please consider making a donation so we can spend more time making improvements :seedling:

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