Why should i use create-svelte-app?

  • Use it if you're tired by repeating the setup of your svelte/sapper app everytime.
  • Typescript support for both webpack and rollup projects (svelte and sapper).
  • Svelte preprocessors already setup.
  • Svelte config already setup for vscode.
  • Easy project bootstrap, simply answer some questions and your project is ready to go!

Getting started

npm i @pixelmund/create-svelte-app -g

How to

If you installed the package globally simply run

create-svelte-app [alias: csa]


create-svelte-app [alias: csa] path [CLI will use the folder name]

You can also use npx:

npx @pixelmund/create-svelte-app

The CLI will ask you questions about your project

For Example:

Svelte or Sapper? Rollup or Webpack? Typescript? Css-preprocesssor?

...will add more later

...feel free to create an issue with your needs

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