Sveltekit Vendure Starter Server Side

Starter project to help you create your Vendure-powered ecommerce application. This version makes requests to your Vendure backend through the SvelteKit app. For a SvelteKit starter that makes request to the Vendure backend from the client browser, see

SvelteKit eCommerce Store Starter App for Vendure

If you are not familiar with Vendure, you can learn more on the project web site. Vendure is an open-source, MIT-licensed, Node.js-based ecommerce backend with tons of flexibility. You can use it to power practically any ecommerce application you could think of.


This project is under active development. Breaking changes will frequently occur.

Creating a project

# install degit
npm install -g degit

# create a new project in my-app
degit my-app

Installing packages

cd my-app
yarn install

Configuring a project

mv .env.example .env
  • Open .env and add any required settings

  • To make development a bit easier, you can change the urls in the EmailPlugin configuration options in vendure-config.ts to match the default SvelteKit dev url: http://localhost:5173:


verifyEmailAddressUrl: 'http://localhost:5173/verify',
passwordResetUrl: 'http://localhost:5173/auth',
changeEmailAddressUrl: 'http://localhost:5173/account'

Running the app

Make sure your Vendure backend is running first and that you configure the VENDURE_API_URL in your .env file or your shell environment.

yarn dev

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