Strapi - Svelte template

This is simple template created with SvelteKit - you can change data in Strapi - pages, content and forms and SvelteKit will show result - in server-rendering, so you will have content rendered for SEO.

Strapi is quick and build with Node.js, so no more PHP is needed. In this template you can use MySQL or SQLite. It is more simple to start with SQLite, since you don't need to use external database. To start with Strapi, check documentation

SvelteKit is using node adapter here, but you can also use static adapter, which will create pages for you to prerender it, after you will have the content from Strapi. Also you can use Netlify adapter. More information about SvelteKit is in the documentation. Here I'm using node adapter and nginx to listen port with this subdomain. I'm using Linode - Ubuntu on server.

For styles there is Taiwind and as additional components I'm using Attractions , which is simple but useful CSS library for Svelte.

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