Svelte Theme Switch

Easy to use dark/light mode switcher based on Svelte


Dark/Light mode in Svelte.

Ported from next-themes


$ npm install svelte-theme-switch
# or
$ yarn add svelte-theme-switch


In your +layout.svelte file

      import { ThemeWrapper } from "svelte-theme-switch";


In your Component file

      import { themeStore } from "svelte-theme-switch";

<p>Current theme is {$themeStore.theme}</p>

    on:click={() =>
      $themeStore.setTheme($themeStore.theme === "light" ? "dark" : "light")}
    Switch Theme


All your theme configuration is passed to ThemeProvider.

  • storageKey = 'theme': Key used to store theme setting in localStorage
  • defaultTheme = 'system': Default theme name (for v0.0.12 and lower the default was light). If enableSystem is false, the default theme is light
  • forcedTheme: Forced theme name for the current page (does not modify saved theme settings)
  • enableSystem = true: Whether to switch between dark and light based on prefers-color-scheme
  • enableColorScheme = true: Whether to indicate to browsers which color scheme is used (dark or light) for built-in UI like inputs and buttons
  • disableTransitionOnChange = false: Optionally disable all CSS transitions when switching themes (example)
  • themes = ['light', 'dark']: List of theme names
  • attribute = 'data-theme': HTML attribute modified based on the active theme
    • accepts class and data-* (meaning any data attribute, data-mode, data-color, etc.) (example)
  • value: Optional mapping of theme name to attribute value
    • value is an object where key is the theme name and value is the attribute value (example)
  • nonce: Optional nonce passed to the injected script tag, used to allow-list the next-themes script in your CSP


useTheme takes no parameters, but returns:

  • theme: Active theme name
  • setTheme(name): Function to update the theme
  • forcedTheme: Forced page theme or falsy. If forcedTheme is set, you should disable any theme switching UI
  • resolvedTheme: If enableSystem is true and the active theme is "system", this returns whether the system preference resolved to "dark" or "light". Otherwise, identical to theme
  • systemTheme: If enableSystem is true, represents the System theme preference ("dark" or "light"), regardless what the active theme is
  • themes: The list of themes passed to ThemeProvider (with "system" appended, if enableSystem is true)

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