The Tool That Completes GRPC 

Tap Rpc is a tool that aids in proto based dynamic generation of :

  • A mock server that sends realistic auto generated mock responses (which can be customized).
  • Realtime modification of request and responses. Modify requests from client before it reaches server and modify response from server before it reaches client.
  • Provides grpc client to send auto generated mock requests to your services.

Tap-Rpc aims to significantly ease the development and testing efforts for all of frontend, backend devs and also testers.

🔖📑 Read the Medium Article on TAP-RPC here

Installation and Usage :

  • Download the latest release from here :

  • In your client app, set the host and port for the grpc service to point to the Tap-Rpc’s ip address and port shown at the middle of the Tap-Rpc window title.

  • Set the default target server URL, which is needed for the monitor and client modes.

  • User selects the proto files containing the services. Once you select proto files, all the services and Rpcs in those services appear in a tree structure and you can select a particular rpc.

  • At this point any requests coming from the client will be forwarded to the default target server in the background.

  • Now your client app is ready to access all the features of Tap-Rpc.


Tap Rpc provides 3 modes of operation :

Mock Rpc mode :

  • Automatically setup mock response server by loading proto file
  • Generates convincing mock responses based on the properties in the proto
  • Supports loading multiple proto files with multiple services and rpcs
  • Edit values of generated mock responses based on your need

Monitor mode :

  • Monitor requests and responses by acting as the middle man between a grpc client and server
  • Edit requests in real time before it reaches the backend server
  • Edit response in real time before it reaches back the client

Client mode :

  • Test your backend services independently with this client
  • Generates convincing Mock Request objects for quick rpc calls

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