Sveltekit Mdsvex Blog

A minimalistic blog template built with SvelteKit and MDsveX


Minimalistic blog site template, built with TypeScript, Svelte, SvelteKit and MDsveX.

Live demo

Getting started

First, clone the repository and navigate to the project directory:

git clone my-blog
cd my-blog

If you want to have a fresh commit history, blow away the .git directory and re-initialize the repository locally:

rm -rf .git
git init

Next, install dependencies with NPM:

npm install # or `pnpm i`

Finally, run the local development server:

npm run dev # or `pnpm dev`

Building for production

This project is pre-configured with @sveltejs/adapter-static. This makes deploying to static site hosts, such as Netlify, super easy. Simply add your site's repository to your static site host of choice, configure the build command to be npm run build and the build output directory to be build.

Starting from scratch

You may want to create your own project from scratch using create-svelte. You can do so easily and add MDsveX support to your project using svelte-add:

  1. Create a new project per the SvelteKit docs
  2. Add MDsveX to your project using svelte-add
  3. Configure your site to your liking; files with the, .md and .svx extensions will be picked up by MDsveX by default


Feel free to ask any questions that you have! I am happy to try and answer them. The best way to reach me is by Mastodon, @[email protected], but you can also open an issue in this repository.

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