Svelte Storybook Nunjucks Boilerplate

A boilerplate for building a multi-page app with Svelte, Storybook, Webpack, Bulma and Nunjucks

A boilerplate for exploring Svelte and Storybook

Svelte is a new component framework that runs at build time, converting your JavaScript components into highly efficient imperative code that surgically updates the DOM. With Storybook you can visualize different states of your UI components and develop them outside of your application.

I developed this boilerplate to understand how both these libraries work within a build environment using Webpack, SCSS and Nunjucks for a website that has a combination of static pages and apps. The static page generation in this boilerpalte is specific to my needs, it can be easily replaced with other templating engines &/or loaders.



Download or clone the repository and install dependencies.

cd svelte-storybook-nunjucks-boilerplate
npm install

Run for Development

npm run start

Build for Production

npm run build

Run Storybook

npm run storybook

Build a static Storybook site

npm run build-storybook


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