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Technology Project Is Live
Angular Catsify: A cat names generator
ngxtools: Angular Package Registry
angular-swa-auth library demo
Docusaurus Docusaurus Starter
Hugo ngVikings 2020 Conference
Scully PWA Blog
Svelte Shop at Home
Vanilla HTML/JS/CSS SWAG Demo: A Positive Thought For Your Day
Nitrooo landing page
Hexa CLI Landing Page
VS Code Can Do That
VuePress Nitro Workshop
Peacock for Visual Studio Code Documentation
Cognitive Search Static Apps Demo

💻 | Projects (By Technology)


Catsify: A cat names generator

Catsify App

Catsify is a simple and creative app that allows you to find a unique name for your lovely cat. What's interesting about this app is that the names generator is all written in Rust and compiled to WASM; and the API is exposed through a Node.js Azure Function.

  • Link to the project: HERE
  • GitHub repo: HERE

Stacks Used: angular, typescript, azure static web apps, rust, web assembly, nodejs, azure functions


Docusaurus Starter

Docusaurus starter

A simple starter template for creating documentation website using the Docusaurus framework.

Stacks Used: reactjs, azure static web apps



ngVikings 2020: A free online conference for Angular developers

ngVikings 2020

ngVikings is a non-profit, non-commercial, 100% community-driven event comprised of many Nordic Angular groups with more than 6500 active members in total.

Stacks Used: hugo, azure static web apps, workbox


Azure Static Web Apps and Mongoose Starter Kit

Mongoose is the most popular ODM (object document mapper) for Node.js. This basic starter includes the necessary code and steps to create Azure Static Web Apps with Cosmos DB and Mongoose. No front-end framework is used, allowing you to update the site as needed.

Stacks Used: mongoose, cosmos db, azure static web apps


PWA Blog

PWA Blog

News and articles about Progressive Web Apps.

Stacks Used: angular, scully, azure static web apps, workbox, pwa


Shop at Home

Svelte Application

"Shop at Home" is a sample app which is written in four variations: Angular, React, Svelte and Vue. It is shown in the Build 2020 video presentation.

Stacks Used: svelte, react, angular, nodejs, azure static web apps

Vanilla HTML JavaScript CSS

Azure SWAG Demo: A Positive Thought For Your Day

Positive quote website screenshot

This is a simple barebone demo for Azure SWAG (Static Web Apps on GitHub). You can use it as a template for your own apps.

Stacks Used: html, javascript, nodejs, azure static web apps

Nitrooo landing page

Nitrooo App

Nitro is a heavily opinionated template for building Serverless applications with NestJS, the fastest-growing NodeJS framework in the world by github stars.

Stacks Used: javascript, css, html

Hexa CLI Landing Page

The ultimate companion for the Azure CLI screenshot

Hexa is the ultimate companion for the Azure CLI. It allows you to seamlessly configure, setup and deploy to different Azure services such as Resource Groups, Storage accounts, Hosting, Azure Functions and Databases (CosmosDB and Table Storage) and more.

Stacks Used: html, css, javascript


VS Code Can Do That

Vs Code Can Do That

All the best things about VS Code that nobody ever bothered to show you.

Stacks Used: vuejs, azure static web apps


Nitro Workshop

Nitro logo

Online workshop built with Vuepress to learn how to build a backend using NestJS. This is a practical workshop where you'll learn "hands-on" by iteratively building an application from scratch using NestJS and Azure.

Stacks Used: vuepress, azure static web apps, nodejs, nestjs

Peacock for Visual Studio Code Documentation

Peacock icon

Peacock is a Visual Studio Code extension with 700,000+ installations. It subtly changes the color of your Visual Studio Code workspace. This is ideal when you have multiple VS Code instances, use VS Live Share, or use VS Code's Remote features, and you want to quickly identify your editor.

Stacks Used: vuepress, azure static web apps, nodejs

Cognitive Search Static Apps Demo

Cognitive Search Static Apps Demo

A sample faceted search user experience implementation for your Azure Cognitive Search index. Similar to the official demo app, but a bit more modern. Fork the repo, deploy it to your Static Web Apps instance, connect it to your Cognitive Search index with a set of config settings, optionally configure authN/authZ - and you get a fully functioning search UI, with facet filters and geovisualization. The live demo is pointed to the official Azure Cognitive Search Sample Data - Repository index, and you can start with the same. Feel free to use as a template for your own implementations.

Stacks Used: react, nodejs, azure static web apps, azure functions

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