Sveltekit Tailwind Ecommerce

Open Source Ecommerce Store build with sveltekit and tailwindcss

Sveltekit Tailwind CSS Ecommerce Store

An Open Source Ecommerce Shop build with awesome Sveltekit and Tailwind CSS

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  • SvelteKit as js Framework (mix of SSR and SPA)
  • Tailwind as css Framework
  • 🚀 Superfast
  • Full responsive -> in Mobile, Tablet and Web Browser Size
  • Smooth and cool Animations
  • Nice intuitive Cart Design
  • Form Validation for shipping and billing with yup and svelte-forms-lib
  • Usage of Stores and localStorage
  • i18n implementation (English and German Language available)
  • Minimalistic Black and White UI Design

Things that can be improved

  • better coloring and layout (I am not a good UI Designer)
  • payment gateway integration (paypal or stripe etc)
  • headless cms integration (I tried shopify but I really disliked that you have to use their checkout page)

Getting started

Install and run SvelteKit with the commands below:

git clone
cd sveltekit-tailwind-ecommerce
npm install
npm run dev


Just ...

And that's it!

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