Fast and customizable GraphQL documentation generator

Magidoc is a JavaScript library that auto-generates static documentation from any GraphQL schema. By default, it automatically generates documentation for each query, mutation, subscription and type of your API.


  • šŸ Simple: Build your first website in a few minutes.
  • āœļø Customizable: Use pre-defined customizations or pick a template and make it your own.
  • šŸ”Ž Searchability: Fast fuzzy search through the documentation & native SEO support.
  • šŸ”„ Live hot-reload: Preview your documentation website while you develop.
  • šŸ“ Advanced markdown support: Markdown is supported everywhere, from custom pages to schema comments.

Get started

See the quickstart guide.


šŸ‘‰ See the demo website generated from FaunaDB's example GraphQL API.


Full documentation and options are available at


Examples to generate documentation simply for one or even for multiple schemas are available right here.


See the contribution guide.



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