Svelte Meta

Easily generate SEO metadata for Svelte.


  • Automatically set relevant social meta tags common attributes like title and description
  • Automatically set relevant JSON-LD metadata
  • Shorthands for setting Open Graph and Twitter metadata
  • Shorthands for setting URL, Sitemap, and other technical SEO data


npm i svelte-meta
  import Meta from 'svelte-meta';

  title="My Page"
  description="It's a great page"


Property Type Description Metadata Set
title string Title of your project <title>, title, og:title
description string Descriptoin of your project description, og:description
image string or { url: string; width: number; height: number; alt: string} Image for social networks og:image
url string URL of the current page canonical og:url
siteUrl string Root URL of your website JSON-LD
logo string Logo image for your brand JSON-LD
search string Search page base URL JSON-LD
sitemap string URL of your sitemap sitemap
openGraph Inherits other properties, plus custom og: properties, eg: video OpenGraph properties og:


  • Twitter inherits Open Graph (og:) properties if twitter: specific metadata is not set, which is why svelte-meta doesn't include them

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