Real Estate Template with SvelteKit and TailwindCSS


This project is a real estate template built using SvelteKit and styled with TailwindCSS. It offers a fast and responsive interface for listing and viewing property details.

Live Preview


  • Node.js (v14.0.0 or newer)
  • npm, pnpm, or yarn


First, clone the repository and navigate into the project directory.

git clone
cd svelte-real-state-landing

Install the dependencies using npm:

npm install

Alternatively, you can use pnpm or yarn:

pnpm install
# or
yarn install


Start the development server:

npm run dev

To automatically open the app in a new browser tab:

npm run dev -- --open


To generate a production-ready build:

npm run build

Preview the production build:

npm run preview


To deploy your app, you may need to install an adapter suitable for your hosting environment.


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